Our Portfolio

Residential, Commercial, and Corporate

A&A Clients
  • Anthony Crosby, Architectural Conservation LLC
  • ARG – Architectural Resources Group
  • Lino Belli, AIA, Belli Architectural Group
  • CODG – Claudio Ortiz Design Group, Inc.
  • Brett Brenkwitz and Charles Franks, Franks, Brenkwitz & Associates
  • Gretchen Flesher, GFA – Gretchen Flesher Architecture
  • John Swift, Hamilton Swift & Associates
    Integrated Land Use and Development Services
  • Page & Turnbull
  • Pacific Grove Public Library
  • The Roman Catholic Diocese of Monterey
    • Old Mission San Juan Bautista HSR
    • San Carlos Borromeo
    • The Royal Presidio Chapel Conservation Project
    • San Miguel Arcangel HSR
    • Maryknoll Rectory, San Juan Bautista HSR
    • Mission Nuestra Senora de la Soledad
  • United States National Park Service
  • San Antonio Missions National Historical Park / UNESCO World Heritage List Consultant


A&A Principal Investigator Ruben G. Mendoza, PhD, RPA, has conducted archaeological and historical investigations for clients from throughout California and the US Southwest since 1992. Recent clients for whom we have provided professional consulting, archival research, architectural photography, and or archaeological and historic project oversight span the gamut of residential, commercial, and corporate enterprises.

To that end, Dr. Mendoza has in turn provided professional consulting services for historic preservationists, and governmental and non-governmental agencies, including the National Park Service and the US Department of Justice. His architectural and historic sites photography and scholarship has been published in a wide range of venues, including American Archaeology Magazine, Rizzoli International, and with university presses and multimedia publishers ranging from McGraw-Hill/National Geographic through to Scholastic, Inc., and Simon & Schuster.