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Archaeological and Historical Resource Consulting

Our Mission

A&A brings to the table an expertise in both the prehistoric and historic dimensions of California archaeology. With long-term lab and field experience and area interests in pre-Contact and historical California Indian sites and material cultures, and Mission era, Mexican ranchero, and early American architectures, and adobe stone construction, we are prepared to address a multitude of archaeological and historic site conditions and challenges.

Our Vision

Our services span Phase1 pedestrian surveys and reporting through to large-scale public and corporate compliance archaeology projects, archaeological monitoring and mitigation, and recovery and excavation programs. Our project team is similarly skilled in the preparation of historic structures and site architectural histories, and the writing of historic structures reports for compliance, mitigation, and conservation assessments.

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Our Team

Here are just a few members of our team
Rubén G. Mendoza, PhD, RPA
Rubén G. Mendoza, PhD, RPA
Principal / Archaeologist / Architectural Historian
Jennifer A. Lucido, BA, MA
Jennifer A. Lucido, BA, MA
Research Associate / Cultural Resources Manager